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From the family that brought you the North Park Lounge, Shooters Golf, and Barry's Pub.... Get ready to rev up your mornings and power through your days with our latest venture:
Chillin Logo
Drive Thru, Chill Out, and let us energize your day with convenience and flavor!


Discover a world of flavor at Chillin' Drive Thru. From the rich aromas of freshly brewed coffees to the savory flavors of our Italian Cream Sodas, our drink menu has something for everyone. Energize your day with our invigorating lotus energy drinks or treat yourself to the creamy decadence of our milkshakes. Dive into the vibrant hues of our Lotus Energy Drinks and lemonades. Whatever your mood, our diverse selection promises to deliver.

For those that are Cruisin', Groovin' and Improvin'


Satisfy your cravings with our delectable food menu at Chillin' Drive Thru. Start your day right with our mouthwatering egg sandwiches or gourmet toasts. Experience bliss with our mouthwatering breakfast specialties and freshly baked pastries. Beat the lunch rush with our fresh chopped salads or wraps. Join us and savor the extraordinary with every bite.

Employee handing drinks to customer


We're looking for fun, driven teammates to join our crew dedicated to providing the ultimate drive thru experience!

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